Welcome to St. Michael Parish

January 21st

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

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 Join us For a

Totally 80’s, Totally Killer, Rocking,

Radical Night of Meeting THE MAKER Mystery,

Dinner, Dancing, and Wine

At St. Michael, Saturday, February 10th

    Tickets are $30 per person and include:

¨ Entertainment from the Murder Mystery Co.

¨ Filet Medallion or Chicken Dinner with all the fixins

¨ Two Glasses of wine

  (extra wine tickets available with a responsible driver)

¨ And fellowship with other St. Michael Parishioners

 Tickets will be on sale in the office

after Masses and during the week. 

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Mark your calendars for these events coming up:

Jan. 20 – Minister Volunteer Training

         **Lectors 9:00am;  **EME’s 10:00am;  **Ushers 11:00am

Jan. 21 – Parish Breakfast 9-11:00am

Jan. 21 – Confirmation @St. Michael at 2:00pm 

Jan. 22 – Minister Volunteer Training

         **EME 6:30pm;  **Lectors 7:30pm   

Jan. 23 – Ministry Scheduler Assistance  6:00-7:00pm

Jan. 24 – Men’s Group Starts up again  6:15am

Jan. 27/28 – Ministry Scheduler Assistance after all Masses

Jan. 29 – Minister Volunteer Training  – **Ushers 6:30pm

Feb. 2 – First Friday Mass/Celebration  10:00am 

Feb. 2 – All City School Mass 10:00am @Elmen Center

Feb. 3/4 – Birthday & Anniversary Blessings

Feb. 3/4 – Blessings of Throats after Masses

Feb. 10 – Mystery Dinner and Wine Night  6:30pm

Feb. 10/11 – Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

Feb. 14 – ASH WEDNESDAY  (8:15am; 12:15pm; 5:30pm; 7:00pm)

Feb. 22nd – “Drawn to the Word” worship and artistic experience. 7 pm.




There are still openings where you can sign-up for the opportunity to schedule an hour with Our Lord in our Adoration Chapel.  We are also in need of substitutes.  The Chapel is open for 24 hours from Sun. evening at 6pm until Sat. afternoon at 4pm. Questions? Call Anne @361-1600; aburkard1st@gmail.com or fill out a card in the Commons.




Communication is the key to any successful relationship.  WE value our relationship with YOU!  

WE want to communicate with YOU in the most effective ways!

To be part of our text messaging communication service:

  1. You must opt in to receive our messages
  2. Opt in to as many or as few as you need to be informed
  3. Msg/data rates may apply (depending on your text plan)
  4. We promise to use this prudently

(no coupons or gimmicks from us)!


TO: 51660   Message: Michael

 To receive general announcements from the Parish

TO: 51660   Message: Servethepoor

 To receive opportunities to serve

TO: 51660   Message: Mass

 To receive updates from Sylvia on ministries

TO: 51660   Message: Fellowship

 To receive event happenings and updates

TO: 51660   Message: Saint

 To receive Wednesday Night Religious Ed updates

TO: 51660   Message: YDisciple

 To receive updates on YDisciple happenings

TO: 51660   Message: Stmikeconfirmation

 To receive reminders for Confirmation

TO: 51660   Message: Adore

 To receive High School Youth Group happenings

TO: 51660   Message: WWJD

 To receive Jr. High School Youth Group happenings




We have just registered for an exciting new way to do lots of quality Catholic learning from home, called “FORMED”.  Taking advantage of this opportunity allows you access to Catholic educational programs, movies, books, and audio files. This is literally thousands of dollars worth of education, formation, and entertainment available at no cost to you!

       To access FORMED:

  1. Go to the website formed.org

  2. Click on the “find out more” message in the middle of the screen.

  3. In the middle of the page there is an area that says “Does your parish already have FORMED?” In the box enter our parish code: RHCXWQ

  4. Fill out the registration form and you are eligible for all of the programs on FORMED!

Don’t miss out – register today!


Lake Kinneret


Lord God, by the creation of the first Eve and her spouse, you made marriage and the family the foundation of all human community.

By the birth of your Son, Jesus, to the new Eve, Mary, our mother, and her most chaste spouse, Joseph, you radically altered human history. Through this Holy Family you made a path for our salvation.

Strengthen the families of this world and impart to them the gifts of the Holy Spirit.May the upcoming World Meeting of Families with the Holy Father serve to give you glory, and bring strength and fortitude to families, who are being assaulted by evil from every direction.

May the meeting be a source of light and hope to all the world. We ask this through Christ our Lord.



St. Michael is not only the Patron Saint of our Parish, but is also the Patron Saint of  many, including  EMT’s, Mariners, Paratroopers, Police Officers, Security Forces, and Guards and Soldiers.  He is often portrayed holding scales as he is also the Patron saint of the dying in which he is said to be weighing souls.