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SUNDAY 8, 9:30, 11 AM & 6 PM


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The Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls will be celebrating their 125th Anniversary.  Beginning September, 2014 and running thru August, 2015, several events will be scheduled throughout the diocese designed to commemorate the anniversary.  Watch the weekly bulletin, check the bulletin board in the back of the Commons or go to www.sfcatholic.org/125thanniversary for dates and towns of the upcoming events.



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From Fr. Nicholas...

This is my second month here at St. Michael Parish.  It is so heartening to see so many of you sharing your time and gifts very generously, and some of you doing it without others knowing it. What a marvelous witness of your faith and dedication.  Thanks to Fr. Cimpl, Deacon John and other volunteers and staff who worked very hard to help us to move back to the beautiful renovated Church.  Celebrating the Eucharist with you in that beautiful renovated church was the highlight of our week.  The Parish Ice Cream Social was a wonderful event.  It was great to see many of you having fun and relaxing with your friends and children.  The volunteers did a superb job.  Thank you for coming, your presence added much joy and fun to this joyful Parish event.

Last Sunday we also had a brunch and a slide show for the families and the participants of the three summer mission trips, Belize, Montana and Steubenville.  I also had an opportunity to join the youth for The Steubenville Youth Conference.

It is said there are four important factors that help us grow up:  1. Deep experiences;  2. Deep relationships;  3. Deep reflections;  4. Challenging  exposures.  I can confidently say that the three summer trips made by our youth for missions and The Youth Conference gave them a wonderful opportunity for deep experiences, developing a deeper relationship with God and their friends.  We also had opportunities for deep reflections and sharing.  The Mission Trips to Belize and Montana may have been challenging exposures.  Have you had some deep experiences during the summer?  Are your relationships deep?  Are you able to set aside some time during the week for deep self-reflection?  And have you taken advantage of opportunities for challenging exposures?

I want to thank Fr. Cimpl, Rhonda, our Youth Director, Deacon John and other staff for coordinating these trips and inviting me to join the youth to the Steubenville Youth Conference.  For me personally, it was a wonderful opportunity for spiritual renewal and growth.  Watching two thousand young people praying and adoring the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in complete silence with love and devotion brought deep emotions of joy and peace in my heart.  It was an awesome experience.  Thank you for your support for our Parish Youth Ministry, and please continue to support different outreach programs of the Parish.  Encourage your children and grandchildren to join the Parish Youth Group.  It does provide a great opportunity for spiritual growth and fellowship.  This week might have been hectic for many of you with the children going back to school.  Some of you were excited to see your kids go to school for the first time.  Please count on our prayers and support for you and your children as they begin their school year.  Let us also continue to pray for the members of our parish who are sick and suffering from different ailments both physical and emotional.  May God give them strength, healing and comfort.  And finally, please continue to pray for peace in our world.  Pray for Christians who are being persecuted in Iraq, Syria and other parts of the world. Please pray for peace, healing and reconciliation in Ferguson, Missouri.

Have a wonderful Week!

Fr. D’Cruz Nicholas


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