Fr. Terry’s June 17th Bulletin Article

Fr. Terry’s Sharing…

I recently read an article/critique of the new Star War’s movie “Solo”.  It had an interesting take on it.  In the original stories, there is a very wise Jedi teacher and mentor.  He keeps telling this young man by the name of Luke Skywalker that he has to learn who he is and to be open to being trained as a Jedi.  This cannot be rushed or done halfway.  Yoda, the mentor/teacher, taught him to engage the past not resentfully, but redemptively.  It was rooted in what only tradition can provide.  It is only in knowing where we come from that we can begin to understand where we are going.  In the new movies, Yoda is portrayed as going against this.  Both he and Luke fail to mentor and teach those coming after.  Therefore, in the way it is written, the new characters for whom the torch has been passed on to are struggling to forge identities in situations where they have been cut off from their pasts.  They are told to kill or ignore the past – that all they need is in their present and within them already –  everything they will ever need.

One of the struggles we are going through in the church today is that we have stopped mentoring or teaching someone to grow in their faith.  While it is never good to speak universally, there are some parents who have stopped mentoring their children in the ways of faith.  They have been a lost generation to knowing and living their faith, so they really do not have any way to teach, role model, and pass on the faith to the generation coming after them.  Sadly, this leads to faith being a pick and choose or choose and reject.  Do what you like and toss away everything else.  Then it becomes a superficial relationship with God and eventually with others.  Our faith becomes watered down and then we leave it up to the children and youth to do it on their own.

Let us make a stand and prepare those who come after us by the way we live, by what we say, and by the way we care about wanting the best for them.  Our tradition, our faith, our relationship with God is real and ultimately important for our salvation.