Fr. Terry’s August 5th Bulletin Article

Signs of Faith in Action and Parish Family Gathering/Service

Summer slowdown, I think not!  Family dormant, I think not!  Parish hibernating, I think not!

Over the last Diocesan year of July 2017 thru June 2018

Baptisms – 61 children;  Adult receptions into Full Communion – 10;  Confessions – all that sought it out;  First Communions – 86;  Confirmations – 66;  Anointing of the Sick – those at home, hospitals, and after weekend Masses that sought it out;  Marriages – 29;  and Deaths – 28.

Youth Involvement over this summer

We had 30 participate in the Catholic Heart Work Camp in Knoxville, Tennessee

We had 23 participate in the Mission Trip to Guatemala

We had 35 participate in the Steubenville Conference

We had 16 participate in Summer Serve

We had 58 children, 6 junior high students and 10 high school students attend Totus Tuus

We had 11 attend Discipleship Camp

We had 6 attend a Search Retreat

Adult Opportunities over this summer

We had 191 attend the Msgr. Doyle Legacy Dinner and Fundraiser for Staff Salaries

We had 780 attend the Kathy Troccoli Concert

We hosted a Diocesan/Regional Stewardship Conference that had 204 participants

We have 20 taking our Summer Adult Classes for those interested in becoming Catholic

So many wonderful ways to get involved and participate! 

Were you included in one of these totals? 

If not, you are always welcome as we grow, learn, and serve as a

Parish Family Alive and Promoting the Kingdom of Heaven!