Fr. Terry’s September 16th Bulletin Article

Fr. Terry’s Sharing…

I do not know about you, but I am ready for some “good news”.  Our children and youth are living good stewardship. 

Here are some of their sharings: 

¨ I helped get our guest room ready for company

¨ I helped redo my sister’s room

¨ I spent the day helping my mom do cleaning

¨ I helped set the dining room table

¨ I helped my aunt and the elderly

¨ I helped with the laundry

¨ I helped a neighbor pick her garden to share with the poor

¨ I did dishes without being asked

¨ I read stories from the children’s bible to my brother

¨ I helped my dad buy school supplies for a family that needed them

¨ I helped my sister with her math homework

¨ I helped carry boxes up to my sister’s college room

¨ I babysat for free

¨ I helped my brother pick out a gift for my mom’s birthday

¨ I carried the groceries in from the car

¨ I washed dad’s car and boy did it need it

¨ I helped with my cousins bikes

¨ I helped make supper

¨ I taught my sister how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

¨ I helped hold my dog while it got shots

¨ I made breakfast while mom slept in after taking care of my sick brother

¨ I helped pack the car for our vacation trip

¨ I helped get the garage ready for my sister’s graduation party

¨ I helped at the Banquet

¨ I gave my lemonade stand money to the poor

¨ I cleaned my room without being asked

¨ I helped mom make coffee and soup

¨ I helped my neighbor take out his garbage

¨ I helped mom write a sympathy card to a neighbor in the hospital

¨ I helped my dad by staying out of his way

¨ I helped dust the house

¨ I made my brother smile when he was sad

¨ I put a bandage on my sister’s scraped knee when she fell off her bike

¨ I held my sister when she was having a nightmare

¨ I helped pick up the toys three times in one day

¨ I helped my brother blow his nose

¨ I helped mom bake cookies for a neighbor who had a bad day

¨ I helped my brother finish his ice cream so it did not go to waste

¨ I taught my brother how to play a computer game – he was a slow learner

¨ I folded the laundry for my dad

¨ I helped carry out the recyclables to the curb

¨ I helped my parents learn English

¨ I picked up the coffee beans that spilled

¨ I played with my siblings and we did not fight

¨ I picked apples and helped my mom make pies

¨ I was good in church and sang all the songs

¨ I lovingly took care of my baby sister

¨ I painted pumpkins

¨ I took out the garbage after only being asked twice

¨ I helped put a puzzle together with my grandma

¨ I helped grandpa find his lost glasses

¨ I helped grandpa and grandma

¨ I cleaned the basement

¨ I cleaned the yard

¨ I put away the silverware

¨  and many others.

They often share who they have prayed for:

╬ Grandparents

╬ their priests

╬ those who are being saints

╬ their family

╬ those who are sick

╬ those who are poor

╬ those who are homeless

╬ their parents

╬ their brothers and sisters

╬ their friends

╬ those who are lonely

╬ those traveling to be safe

╬ those in the hospital

╬ those in prisons

╬ those who can’t see

╬ classmates

╬ those who are hungry and have no food

╬ those who have no children

╬ those who died

╬ and many others.

 Thank you parents, grandparents, teachers and many more who are good mentors to our youth.  These are the kind of youth that fill me with hope for our future!