Fr. Terry’s November 18th Bulletin article

Fr. Terry’s Sharing…

Thanksgiving is approaching.  I have some wonderful memories and experiences around Thanksgiving.

¨ My Mom staying up almost all night to cook this incredible meal and it was so good that almost all of us, if there was even remotely possible any room in our stomach, would prefer another helping over dessert.

¨ I remember Mom and Dad coming up with a family tradition to teach us kids about Thanksgiving.  We put together bags of fruit and nuts, homemade treats, and a collection of three $10 gift cards to use for McDonald’s or the local Pizza Hut.  And then my folks would drive us around town to give them to the homeless people.

¨ Of working in St. Joachim Parish in Plainview, MN for Fr. LeRoy Eikens.  He was the best homemade soup chef I have ever met.  He would invite all the parish widows and widowers to spend Thanksgiving with him.  He would make a huge feast and would line up card games, board games, and a sing-a-long as he played the piano.

¨ Of being a pastor at Wessington, which had a lot of elderly people who would have to spend Thanksgiving alone because they didn’t have any relatives within a reasonable drive.  The town decided to celebrate Thanksgiving as a whole community.  I remember the Lutheran pastor, five school staff members, and myself meeting at the school kitchen at 2:30am to cook the turkeys.  Others came at 6:00am to peel the potatoes for  mashed potatoes.  Others came at 7:00am to decorate, setup tables, make the gravy, the cranberry sauce, the vegetables, and bake the bread.  Finally, others came at 8:00am with the desserts.  We spent the day together and sent home leftovers for the elderly.  Personally, I was always amazed there was any leftovers, but I think the Lutheran pastor must have learned how to multiply leftover food.  About the middle of the day, we made homemade ice cream.  I remember saving a lot of gas on the way home to Miller because I was so round and roll-able, that I did not need a car.

In everyone of those experiences, there was no doubt what Thanksgiving was:  it was people and the most profound experience of gratitude that permeated your whole being – rolled together and richly blessed by God.

Join us for a Thanksgiving Day Mass at 8:15am in the Nave. 

Remember the word Eucharist means Thanksgiving!  Bring an item from your meal that you would like to have blessed.  There will be NO Turkey at this Mass, as I am sending it (Fr. Tom) home to his family in Milbank.  LOL.