Fr. Terry’s January 6th Bulletin Article

Fr. Terry’s Sharing…

One more week of the Christmas Season, which always ends with the Baptism of Jesus.  I am always appreciative of all the people of the parish who contribute to the beautiful liturgies of this season.  Always on the top of the list are our musicians, vocal and instrumental.  We all know how busy the time for Christmas is and then add in the times of practice.  They come early to sing songs to set the stage for our worship.  Because we all have family to celebrate with, our last few Masses are the least attended.  Yet we have some faithful people who provide the music even when the time is not convenient.  And yes, some of them even play for more than one Mass.  They really are our choirs of angels in more than one way.  I also am grateful to those who decorate, help out with all the liturgical ministries:  sacristans, greeters, ushers, lectors, eucharistic ministers, gift bearers, altar servers, book bearers, Fr. Albert, Fr. Luan, and Fr. Tom.  I would also like to thank our staff who help with so much of the background preparation.  Last, but not least, all of you who come to give God fitting honor & worship and who form a welcoming spirit to our many guests.

One often wonders what Joseph and Mary must have felt to be housed in a stable, to greet the baby Jesus in such a humble way.  You don’t hear about them griping, swearing (God forbid), embarrassed, or saying “why me”.  This weekend, we don’t hear in scriptures about the three Magi, Kings, Wise Men – ridiculing them, laughing at them, criticizing them as lousy parents, or turning them into authorities.  Everyone present, from parents to those who come see the baby Jesus, react as if it is the most beautiful thing they have ever seen in their lives.  In the busy lives we lead, let’s not forget to approach God’s gift of love with the same awe and wonder.  The Magi brought gifts, but they could never outdo the gift to us from God.  Jesus, the gift of love, compassion, forgiveness, and salvation is ours, now and forever.    Thank you all for being part of my Christmas and giving me a family (God’s family) to celebrate with and journey along side to God’s Kingdom of Heaven!   God Bless everyone!