Fr. Terry’s May 5th Bulletin article

Fr. Terry’s Sharing…

Easter is so powerful and impactful in our lives and our salvation.  No wonder Easter Season lasts for 50 days.  Ten days longer than the Lenten Season that gets us ready for it.  We will continue to do the things in our liturgies that reflect this.  Take the time to plan things in your homes to do likewise.

Last weekend we had our First Communion Celebrations.  How fun to see the excitement in their eyes, in their dress, and in their active participation.  And I am not just talking about Fr. Tom here.  Parents, I want to thank you for wanting the best for your children.  You want their bodies and souls to be nourished by our Lord in a very direct and meaningful way that day and in the rest of their lives.  It was easy to see how happy and proud you were.  Keep up the good work of being their first and most important teachers in the ways of faith.

This weekend, Daniel Williams, a seminarian from the Diocese of La Crosse, WI and with us here at St. Michael last summer, will be ordained Deacon for his final year of preparation for Priesthood.  Their Bishop was so pleased with our Parish and how we supported him that they are sending another seminarian, Steven Waller, to be with us this summer.  He will arrive in the parish on May 26th.  Two summers ago, we had Anthony Klein, a seminarian from our Diocese with us.  He will be ordained Deacon as he enters into his last year of preparation for Priesthood.  Three summers ago, Timothy Cone was with us.  He will be ordained to the Priesthood for our Diocese at the end of May.  Thank you for your care, support, and especially your prayers as you participate in forming them to be priest servants for our church.  It is by no mistake that you are a parish that Bishops send their candidates for the priesthood to. Your helping in their formation is a privilege, an honor, and a trusted responsibility.

God Bless you all!