Fr Terry’s May 26th Bulletin Article

Fr. Terry’s Sharing…

No doubt you could not help but see the changed look of our Parish campus.  The loss of the trees is truly a sad situation and one we wish we could have avoided.  Like the present situation of the farmers with all the water in their fields, this was one not of our choosing, but one where the choice was made for us.  At the combined budget meeting of our Finance and Parish councils, we talked about how unexpected expenses like this really put a strain on our efforts to have a balanced operating budget.  It seems like at least once a year something comes up.  Therefore, the decision was made to once a year take up a second collection to try to cover these unexpected expenses.  All those on the committees really do put forth a great effort to be good stewards of our gifts.  Our normal envelope income is geared to our regular expenses.  That is why we do not want to use that income to cover the unexpected expenses.  Please see article below for more information from our Deacon John who headed up our response as a parish.

We will be taking up a second collection over these two weekends:  June 8/9 and June 15/16.  Our budget year expires on June 30th and our expenses will come during this budget year.  We are collecting on two weekends because with school ending, more parishioners are traveling and this will give them a chance to participate.  If you are going to be gone both weekends, you could send something by mail or drop an envelope off at the office.  The committees also discussed creating a memorial fund for tree replacement.  Details have yet to be worked out.  This is our parish and we are responsible to share in its upkeep just as we care for our own personal responsibilities.  Thank you for your understanding and your dedication to the needs of the parish.  May God bless you and your participation in caring for His Church.

What Happened to our Trees??

Because of the Emerald Ash Borer invasion in Sioux Falls, we needed to address our ash trees on the St. Michael property.

We have been in consultation with arborists from Minneapolis & Sioux Falls and with our own Building and Grounds committee.

We have taken their recommendations to remove most of the ash trees (33 of the 39) and will then treat the remaining six trees.

Good News is – we will be replanting trees this summer with a variety of trees – Locust, Maple, and Elm.