Fr. Terry’s June 16th Bulletin article

Fr. Terry’s Sharing…

Believe it or not (but really do believe it) the end of June is the end of our administration year in the parish.  We will start a new year beginning in July.  (July 1st used to be a date when all the priests who were moving went on the road, so people were asked to be extra careful out there, now it is July 10th.  lol!)  So this is a good time to give you an idea of what has been happening in our parish.  You will notice that our parish is alive and well.  Over the last year, we have had 111 Baptisms.  We had 56 First Communions.  This, in a few years will go up as all those babies grow.  We had 113 Confirmations.  We had 24 weddings.  Sacramentally we had many Confessions and many Anointings here at the parish and in the hospital.  During this time, we have celebrated the lives of 28 parishioners as they were called from death to new life.

Of course, this only represents the life of the parish sacramentally, but the life and heart of this parish is also beyond the sacraments.  We have supported numerous ministries on the Diocesan level.  We have been good stewards of the parish grounds and buildings.  We have supported many charities, especially those who function locally.  We have supported missions beyond our parish boundaries.  We have provided for the education of our youth from early on, including through our Catholic schools.  We have visited the prisons, the hospitals, the homebound, the elderly, and those grieving.  We have had multiple adult education opportunities.  We have been blessed with musical talent and have offered some concerts.  There have been many local organizations that need volunteers to do their ministries and St. Michael parishioners have been very generous with their time and talent.  Our parish could not survive without all the volunteers for our liturgies, for teaching and faith sharing, for meals during funerals, and many more needs.  Forgive me, these are all off the top of my head (and remember what is on the top of my head is getting thinner everyday).  I have no doubt I have failed to mention everything, but with pride, I acknowledge that whatever the need, the parishioners of St. Michael have responded.  I as a pastor am very proud to be a member of this parish and one among you.  Thank you for the life and responsibility of being God’s family and representatives to the world.

What the Diocese uses to define Active Parishes:

Key Characteristics of Vibrant Catholic People and Parishes

╬ Minister to all parish members through service and stewardship

╬ Provide parish family-building through activities that include all ages, vocations, and nationalities

╬ Welcoming

╬ Strong spiritual atmosphere

╬ Participation of parishioners in liturgies and parish affairs

╬ Engaging education in the faith for all ages

╬ Community-minded presence

╬ Active youth groups

╬ Stable financial support for the parish

╬ Parishioners take responsibility and pride in the parish