Fr. Terry’s July 21/28 Bulletin article

Fr. Terry’s Sharing…A Hodge Potage of Sharings! 

First up, the Children’s sharing in the giving envelopes of Stewardship:

¨ I helped with Vacation Bible School.

¨ I picked up candy and cracker wrappers in the pews.

¨ I picked up the dog’s toys and boy is he messy.

¨ I vacuumed.

¨ I watched my little sister.

¨ I cleaned up after my brother, why does there have to be more food on the floor than his plate?

¨ I saw a homeless person and said a prayer for him.

¨ I told Fr. Tom he was the greatest.

¨ I loaded the dishwasher, but could not unload it because they all go higher than I can reach.

¨ I saw a woman in the Chapel praying and I said a prayer for her.

¨ I helped put the puzzle away.

¨ My Dad was sad and I made him smile.

¨ I cleaned my room for the third time today.

¨ I helped other kids with their projects.

¨ I drew a picture for Fr. Tom to put on his fridge so he would not forget us.

¨ I loved and forgave my brother even though he did not deserve it.

¨ I helped Grandma get up when she fell and put a bandaid on her cut.

¨ I put dresses on my dolls so they would not be cold.

¨ I helped my babysitter cook supper.

¨ I shared my books with a little girl that had none.

¨ I gave smiling hugs as I cleaned.

¨ I helped by making Mom and Dad’s coffee.

¨ I helped my Dad even though he said he did not need help, but I told him everyone needs some help.

¨ I made a homemade birthday card for Grandma.

¨ I watched my sister while Mom went to the grocery store.

¨ I played trucks with my little brother even though it was boring.

¨ I found a quarter and am giving it to the church.

¨ I shared my candy bar even though my sister did not share hers with me.

¨ I helped feed my cousin’s cats and chickens but not the chickens to the cats.

¨ I helped my Mom make sandwiches for Dad working outside and then I sat with him so he would not have to eat alone.

¨ I helped my cousin.

¨ I helped take out the garbage.

¨ I did not yell today.

¨ I drew a picture of Mom as a queen because she is special.

¨ I went to a baptism and helped hold things for Father.

¨ I held my sister’s hand as she crosses the street.

¨ I helped set the table.

¨ I colored pictures to set the meals on.

Things they said they were praying for:  my family, the poor, Mom, the sick, my sister’s First Communion, the church, peace, Dad, for better behavior, for my neighbors, my grandma, for my swim teacher, the homeless, our country, the veterans, my daycare, my sister who has cancer, my friends from school that I miss, I prayed for those suffering from the floods, for the farmers, for Jesus who helped me, for those in nursing homes, for my sister’s wedding, for those who are sad.  Out of all these, by far, the most said that they were praying for the poor.  Thanks to parents for raising compassionate children.

When driving on trips, my Mom used to put all sorts of things in a big bag.  We would take turns picking something out and then we had to make a prayer about it.  Some of the ones I remember:  A map and praying that we would not get lost and see new things.  A bell…that we would not miss anything important and listen to the songbirds along the way.  A ball…that we would play nicely together and laugh a lot.  A vase…so we would not stop to “smell the roses” and enjoy nature’s beauty.  It taught us to be creative, to pray in a fun way, and to enjoy each other.  What things would you put in a bag to travel with?