Fr. Terry’s September 29th Bulletin article

Fr. Terry’s Sharing…

Since I have been here, I have shared about my relationship with my Mom who has Alzheimer’s.  So many of you have kept both of us in your prayers and often ask about her.  I have also heard from so many of you about your situations with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  It has effected someone from our parish staff since I have been here (many of you know her as she was the receptionist for our parish for many years).  Because it is increasingly effecting more and more people directly or indirectly in our parish, I am going to break one of my personal rules.  I don’t promote anything in these articles unless it is sponsored by our parish.  Quite a while ago, Susan Schaunaman of our staff, gave me a wonderful gift.  It was a book called “My Two Elaines” by Marty Schreiber, a former governor of Wisconsin.  As a caretaker for my Mom, I found the book to be a great source of encouragement, grounded in hope, and a healing for me.  Because this health concern is in so many of your lives, I encourage you to attend a presentation by him here in Sioux Falls.  It is on Thursday, October 17th at 10:00am and is hosted by Active Generations at 2300 W. 46th Street.  Many of the healthcare organizations that provide for them are co-sponsoring the event, one of them being the home my Mom lives in.  RSVP is encouraged, but not required, at 367-9570.  Posters are on the bulletin board and in the church area.

We are one church here at St. Michael Parish, but have a tendency to always go to the same Mass of the five offered on the weekends.  I guess in some ways you could say we are five communities under one church roof.  It is the same way with clergy in our diocese.  I have many fellow brother priests, but we are scattered all over the Diocese.  Once a year we have Clergy Days at Chamberlain for four days.  This is the best chance for the most priests to be in one place at one time.  Ordinations, priest retreats, and Diocesan gatherings, while nice opportunities to gather, never work for everyone.  While we are there, we have a continuing education presentation for further growth as a priest or deacon.  This year our presenter is Fr. Laurence Kriegshauser who will do some presentation on the Book of Psalms we use in prayer and at Mass.  We honor priests with special anniversaries, those newly ordained, and an evening of prayer for the Deceased Clergy of our Diocese.   It is a time of fellowship and connecting.  It is a time for Bishop Swain to present his picture of the Diocese, any concerns, or answer any questions we might have.  This is all built around time of prayer and Mass together.  Please keep us in prayer this week during Clergy Days from Monday thru Thursday.


 Please note – if you get any emails or texts from Bishop Swain, Fr. Terry, Fr. Tim, or any staff member that is requesting monetary donations, gift cards, favors and/or asking you to “reply” to a text or email, please use caution.  If you have any doubt, please call the Parish Office before you reply to anything.