Fr. Terry’s November 17th Bulletin Article

Fr. Terry’s Sharing…

This Sunday’s 2nd Reading from Paul to the Thessalonians always makes me think of the Blue Cloud Benedictine Monks.  I loved to go there for Priest retreats or casual visits as I was passing by.  I really do miss them.  The Benedictine values were a model to me, just as St. Paul tells us how he wanted to be a model to us.  The ones I remember were:

1) an awareness of God, especially in the ordinary events of every day life;

2) community living, so that they could become who they are by their relationships with others;

3) a dignity of work in being good stewards of God’s creation;

4) hospitality to all by seeing them as Christ; and many more.

I loved their balance of prayer, family, work, and hospitality.  These should be the cornerstones of our families, our church community, our nation, and our world.  I hope we have not lost those keys to living God’s Kingdom here and now in this world.  If I remember right, these four virtues/values of living led to a true justice for everyone; a sincere desire to actively listen; moderation in how we live and a real glimpse of what Heaven is like.  All these flowed into a deep respect, a stable foundation for life, and a true stewardship that honors the creator.  I invite all of us to reflect on these values this week, in how they are lived in our lives.  God is good and He blesses those who reflect that goodness.