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Fr. Terry’s Sharing-Trinity Sunday

Fr. Terry’s Sharing…

Welcome Back Fr. Nicholas!  We missed you!

We have been fortunate to have had some donations directed to updating the media and music equipment used before and during our Masses.  Because of their generosity, we are able to do so without dipping into our general operating funds.  So, a Thank You is in order.

This weekend we celebrate Holy Trinity Sunday.  The  dogma of three divine persons, separate and distinct, in the one and same God.  The first person of the Trinity is God the Father; the second, God the Son; the third, God the Holy Spirit.  The three persons are perfectly equal to one another and each is God.  The doctrine of the Trinity is classified as a strict mystery; that is, it cannot be learned or understood completely from reason.  It is the core of the creed to which we enter into by our Baptism and profession of faith.  It is what we proclaim every weekend as a faith community.

Next weekend we celebrate the Most Holy Body and Blood of the Lord.  It is at the very core of what we hold to be truly the Body and Blood of Christ given to us to be nourishment on our journey to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Bread and wine become, through the mystery of the consecration, the Body and Blood of Christ.  This gift was given to us at the Last Supper.

These two mysteries are essential in our relationship with God.

Congratulations to those who are graduating from High School and College.  You are in our prayers as you get ready to start new chapters in your life.  May God’s loving Spirit guide you!

One of my favorite prayers I pray during this time of the year (wanting a fresh start for the summer) is the following:

Father, I abandon myself into your hands; do with me what you will.  Whatever you may do, I thank you:  I am ready for all, I accept all.

Let only your will be done in me, and in all your creatures—I wish no more than this, O Lord.  Into your hands I commend my soul; I offer it to you with all the love of my heart, for I love you Lord, and so need to give myself, to surrender myself into your hands without reserve, and with boundless confidence for you are my God.  Teach me, my Lord, to be sweet and gentle, in all the events of life.  Let me put myself aside, to think of the happiness of others.  May I be patient and broad in my forgiveness.  May no one be less good for having come within my influence.  No one less pure, less true, less kind, less noble for having been a fellow-traveler in our journey toward Eternal Life.  As I go about my day, let me whisper from time to time, a word of love to You.  May my life be lived to the good of You and others.  May my Faith be strong, my Hope encouraging, and my Love in imitation of You.  May my hands be your hands this day.  May my tongue be your tongue.  May my heart be your heart.  And may my soul belong only to you.  Grant that I might live in you, by you, and for you.  Amen!


May 8th-Fr. Terry’s Sharing

Fr. Terry’s Sharings…

 One last week and our Easter Season comes to a close with the celebration of Pentecost.

So, some final Thank You’s.  I always have a special place in my heart reserved for those who gift us with music in worship.  It is such an important part of our celebration, that there are churches who pay for professional music at the services.  Needless to say, our music is provided by parishioners who offer themselves first and foremost to God to honor him with the blessings they have received.  We, by that I mean you and I, are privileged to be able to listen in and join them.  We do not come to experience a concert and sit in the audience as nonparticipants.  We can take pride in the fact that we come to worship God first and foremost.  It is not what we can get, but rather what we can share in honoring God in gratitude.

Thank you to the YDisciple Groups for their reflection video’s during the Easter Season.  Thanks to Mike Czmowski for the video and editing.  Those who created the first video:  MERCY—Scott Bakken, Jacob Casey, Jacob Eckert, Mason Karpen, Andrew Reis, Brayden Selchert, Adam Snyder, Nicholas Wipf, Connor Waddell, and Carter Jackson.  Those who created the second video:  FEED MY SHEEP—Jo Larson, Sue Benson, Meredith Benson, Madisyn Waltman, Megan Sotebeer, Kassondra Gooley and MaKenzee Gooley.  Those who created the third video:  YOU WILL NEVER RUN—Joan Beaner, Brenda Schneider, Lydia Yadassa, Caitlin Schneider, Sydney Hokansen, Eleni Karras, and Chloe Haug.

This summer for eight weeks we will have two seminarians living in the parish rectory.  They are both completing their 2nd year of Theology at St. Paul Theology in the Twin Cities.  Their names are Timothy Cone and Thomas Rausch.  Their summer assignment is to learn Hospital Ministry.  One will be working with Fr. Zimmer at Sanford and the other will be working with Fr. Krogman at Avera.  They will arrive the 7th of June and will be staying with us until July 30th.  While staying in our parish, they will be around for the weekend Masses and will spend three hours a week making visits to parishioners in exchange for room and board.

Two of the four seminarians from this parish will be ordained to the transitional Deaconate on May 26th.  They are Timothy Smith and Andrew Thuringer.  If you would like to chip in on a gift for them, please throw an envelope with their names on it in the collection.  It will be added as a gift from the parish.  Many things used by priests in their ministry are expensive because they are not mass produced, that is why we will give them a gift certificate from Hurleys.  Of course you are welcome to give a personal gift just from you.  One thing we all can do is hold them and their four classmates up in prayer on that special day.

Deacon Barry Reuwsaat will be ordained to the Priesthood on May 27th.  He spent a summer here as a seminarian two summers ago.  Please hold him up in prayer that special day.

Fr. Nicholas has run into Visa problems in India so will not be back with us this Monday.  It could be two more weeks and maybe longer.  Please keep him in your prayers for a safe return to us.

Third Sunday of Easter


There are times when a pastor just can not help but be very proud of a parish he is pastor of.  This is one of those moments.  We try to thank people at our Easter Liturgies, but the reality is that it just scratches the surface.  A sign of a healthy and vibrant parish is the activity by the members of the parish who participate above and beyond just being spectators.  I will attempt to cover everyone, knowing that I most likely will fail.  Palm cleaners (tough job this year.); Presentation of the Oils—Marlene Miller, Heidi Hagen, & Megan Sotebeer; Foot washers—Mary Cunningham, Catherine Foy, David & Kassondra & Makenzee Gooley, Brandon & Courtney Hubert, Mariannette Kudrle, Bonnie & Gene Makinson, Wycklyffe Mogondo, and Shaldrin Pereira.  Dressing altar and presenting gifts—Waltman family.  Nursery workers—Renee Kneip and son Luke, Daphne Clausen.  RCIA hospitality—Mary Cunningham. RCIA sponsor—Morris Forsting. RCIA retreat leaders—Mike and Mary Stebbins.  RCIA meal server and candle recruiter—Carol Doss.  Cleaning and preparing candles—Deb Stellingwerf.  Decorating with plants and flowers—Lorraine Roemeling and Pat Cordell.  Decorating and ironing—Mary Devlin and daughter Bridget.  Bus driver—Steve Siemonsma.  Receptionists—Alicia Nelson and Diane Lyons.  Overflow Mass Usher—Jon Fischer.  The many Altar Servers, Bearers of book/cross/candles, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Sacristans, Greeters, Gift Bearers, Ushers—who all served with grace and often accepted extra duties.  Our Seminarians—Andy Thuringer, Luke Miller, and Eric Wuebben.  Lewis Drug who kept the Easter bunny stocked.  Adult Choir and accompanist Mary Michaels.  Good News Youth Choir helped with Parish Communal Penance—Maddie Gerhart, Anita & Teresa Schulte, Dominic & Mercedes Arnett.  All musicians that provided music.  Kyle and Katelyn Clement who ran screens and sound systems. Mike Czmowski and David Gooley for helping with music at Penance service, Living Stations, and Overflow Mass.  Living Station cast, crew and musicians—Cody Leaver, Tycho Clausen, AJ Spader, Bailey Petersen, Catherine Foy, Coral Skiles, Alyssa Holm, Elizabeth Kolb, Robert Boecker, Jordan Arnold, Kassondra Gooley, Makenzee Gooley, Cody Hohn, Riley Jorgensen, Kate Stebbins, Thomas Duran, and Morning Star.  For all those who came and participated in our Holy Week Services from the pews—Guests and Members.  The staff, Fr. Nicholas and Deacon John.  We can all be thankful to be a part of a faith family who recognizes how important God is and what a Joy it is to worship Him together.  There, I did my best.  If I did forget someone, I am arranging to shorten your time in Purgatory by prayers this week.  Also, if I misspelled any names, your forgiveness is appreciated.


Feb. 21st, 2nd Sunday of Lent Bulletin Article

Fr. Terry’s Sharing…

Welcome to the Living Room!  It is, or was when I was growing up, the gathering place for the family and the place of hospitality.  Three memories that stick with me are from three households.  These helped to shape who I am today, not just in how to relate to people, but especially how to relate the presence of God in a home.

The first household was that of George and Anna Heiman.  Good and faith-filled parents of my mother Lureta and grandparents I am proud of.  They belonged to the Missouri Lutheran denomination.  In their living room was a special table in the middle of the room that always drew your attention.  There was only one thing on that table, the family Bible.  Many times when I would visit them, I would see them faithfully reading the scriptures daily.  Sometimes they would read the stories of the Bible to me.  You knew that Bible was at the center of their lives at home and you had to handle it with care because it was so well used that it would have fallen apart if not handled with care.  They lived next to the church and would faithfully open the church early in the morning and lock it up late at night.  Some time of prayer was involved in both.  It taught me to start my day by saying Hello to God and close my day by saying Goodnight to God.  I developed a great love for the scriptures and the stories of the Bible because my Grandparents Heiman lived it every day openly and with pride in God’s presence.

The second household was that of Frank and Marie Weber.

Good and faith-filled parents of my dad Melvin and grandparents I was proud to have in my life.  They were Catholic and very active in the church.  An important table in their living room had a picture of Mary pointing to Jesus, Rosaries, and a stack of prayer books and cards that were rubber banded together because of daily use.  They would always ask guests who came to visit what they needed prayers for.  Grandma Weber, who outlived Grandpa, lived a 1/2 block away from the hospital.  She never drove a car but also never missed daily Mass.  She would let people stay in the basement who had relatives in the hospital.  I often listened to her remember them everyday in her prayers.  They were so moved by her kindness that many of them stayed in contact with her.

The third household was the one I grew up in.  There was a picture right by the front door to our living room.  It was the picture of Jesus knocking on a door.  There was no handle to the door on His side.  It could only be opened from the inside.  It spoke to me about hospitality.  That we are the hands of Jesus/God in welcoming people into our lives.  It did not just mean welcoming people into a building, but to me it meant welcoming them into our lives and hearts.  It was here that we would listen to their stories of life and where we would share the stories of our family.

Is your living room a family gathering place where you share your life?  Is it a place where you encounter God with welcome and hospitality?


Fr. Terry January 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to the new year of 2016.  As we continue to celebrate the life we have been blessed with here on earth, we rejoice in God’s plan of salvation that will be brought to full fruit in the eternal kingdom of God that awaits us.  I am grateful to share in this journey of faith with you as the family of God here at St. Michael.

An important part of that journey together is being good stewards of what we have been blessed with.  Stewardship is more than the financial part of supporting the ministry of Christ here and now.  It is recognizing the fullness of what God has blessed us with to share with each other.  It is investing ourselves in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Stewardship cannot be passive or lukewarm as Jesus puts it in the scriptures, but needs to be active.  To better reflect this, I am asking for your help.  You will notice by the entrances to the church, a stand with some different colored cards.  Use of these cards hopefully will reflect the fullness of what we have and what we share in honor of God and with each other.  We want to keep track of this, not to blow our horn, but to show in a physical way our gratitude to and for God.

There will be a pink card that has the title “One Hour Of Prayer” on one side and the following written on the other side {To provide spiritual support for myself, my family and friends, and for the many ministries, programs, and activities of The Catholic Community of St. Michael this past week:  I spent one hour in prayer.}  For most of us, we most likely spend more than one hour of prayer.  The use of this card is a symbol of prayers offered.  If you have prayed at least one hour for someone or something, we ask you to take one card and throw it in the collection as an offering to God.

There will be a yellow card that has the title “One Hour of Time” on one side and the following written on the other side {Reaching out to the wider community this past week I have given one hour of time to civic activities and projects and sports programs.}  For most of us, we most likely gave more than one hour in time.  The use of this card is a symbol of time offered for others.  If you donated at least one hour of time, we ask you to take one card and throw it in the collection as an offering to God.

There will be a blue card that has the title “One Hour of Service” on one side and the following written on the other side {Committed to the use of my gifts of time and talent, this past week I have given one hour of service to the many ministries, programs and activities of the Catholic Community of St Michael}  For most of us, we most likely gave more than one hour in service.  The use of this card is a symbol of service offered to others. If you donated at least one hour of service, we ask you to take one card and throw it in the collection as an offering to God.

There will be a green card that has the title “Simplified Giving” on one side and the following written on the other side {In thanksgiving for God’s many blessings, I/We used “Simplified Giving” to make financial contributions in support of the many ministries, programs, and activities of the Catholic Community of St. Michael}  Many of you use the electronic form of giving, but we all know how important mentoring our children is.  For them to see us put something in the collection shows how important it is to financially support our parish.  This gives us a concrete way to express that.  The use of this card is a symbol of giving offered to our parish and to God’s Kingdom.

We will also have children’s envelopes by the entrances.  On one side is space for them to write in the contribution, name if they wish, and some good deed or service they provided during the week.  On the other side it is blank so they can use it to express their art work or anything else they wish.  We do this to start to teach good stewardship to them.  We will keep a separate total of the children’s contributions each week.  Quarterly we will ask some of them to help us decide how to share that.  1/3 will go to a local charity, 1/3 will go to a national charity, and 1/3 will go to parish needs.  I personally have been awed by how the children invest themselves in this.  Here is a sample I have shared with several others to show this: One child wrote on the blank side of the envelope – God, when I let my brother play on the computer when it was my turn, I was sad and mad at first.  But then I thought to myself, think of all the good things he did for me.  I also said, think of all the bad things he did to me.  And I said, just because he is mean to me sometimes, does not mean I need to be mean.  And if I am nice to him, maybe he will learn to be nice as well.  It was a tough decision but I said I will do it.  Children continue to amaze me.  We also plan on handing out to them a children’s bulletin to take with them.

All of us, no matter what our age, contribute in so many ways to make this a vibrant community of faith, a family of God.  We need to openly celebrate that God is alive and among us.

Fr. Terry


Dec. 20th Fr. Terry’s Sharing Bulletin Article

Fr. Terry’s Sharing…

What is under your tree?  What gifts bring you great joy?

How is Christmas the presence of Christ for you?

These are the gifts under my tree:

  • Fr. Nicholas with his contagious smile of real warmth.
  • Deacon John with his generosity and can do spirit.
  • Ann Gooley with her wonderful ability to adjust to different people’s needs.
  • Anne Burkard with her great wealth of experiences and caring heart.
  • Dianne Hohn for her gentle spirit, dedication and the person I would seek out if I needed a hug.
  • Dennis Ernster who loves it when things work the way they should and works hard to make it happen.
  • Jackie Conley who is so supportive to those who help her and who has an even brighter smile when around the children.
  • Julie Early who has the caring heart of a nurse and a desire to work for people to be whole and healthy.
  • Linda Hartmann whose best smile comes in her dedication to the elderly.
  • Mary Ellen Melanson who wants so much to please people in caring for their needs and making them feel welcomed.
  • Pat Berg who is a grandmother’s loving personality to so many, especially when going through some of the happiest and saddest moments of their lives.
  • Rhonda Kelsey who I admire greatly because we share such a love and hope for the youth and who is creative, a great planner, and always wanting to grow in knowledge about faith.
  • Susan Schaunaman who has great patience and, more than anyone else, takes the time to inform, instruct, encourage, and check in on me as I make the adjustments to a new parish.
  • Sylvia Wensing who is gentle, welcoming, puts her heart into even the parts of her job that are not her favorite, and asks “why” to keep me connected and on my toes.
  • Jordan Pannell loves to connect his life and faith together in service as a mentor to the youth.
  • Lisa Huemoeller who approaches the staff and students as family and wanting them all to grow with each other in the Kingdom of God.
  • The staff of our school who makes me proud by being the instruments of providing the environment and a place of security for our students to know they are loved, gifted, and appreciated.
  • Our wide-range of volunteers who make sure the ministries and needs of our parish family is attended to in forming this faith family of God.
  • And last, but not least, all of you who come to encounter Christ with each other.  Who participate in each others lives.  Who celebrate with each other God’s blessings.  Who mourn with each other in the hurts and struggles of living in an imperfect world.  Who commit to praying for each other as sisters and brothers in faith.  Who desire to support each other as we grow in faith.  Who come here to experience God and who hope that for each other.  Who love those within and outside our parish as the heart of God in action. You all are my gifts under the Christmas tree.  I could not be more richly blessed!  May God be the source of great blessings to you on this special day when Our Savior Jesus was born to us!

On behalf of our staff and school, I extend to you, our heartfelt thanks and joyous prayers for you!  


Nov. 29th Fr. Terry’s Sharing Bulletin Article

Fr. Terry’s Sharing…

Advent Season has always been for me a time of reconnecting.  Reconnecting with God & His story of Redemption, reconnecting with friends, and reconnecting with my church family.  In the busyness of life, it is so easy to lose track of even God.  Maybe it is the commercialism of this time of the year.  Maybe it is that we focus so much on our own personal needs and wants.  Maybe it is because we get overwhelmed and just shut down.  Whatever happens, for me it is the relationships that keep me going.  I have to make that the priority during this time of the year in my life.  Hence the importance of reconnecting.

I also find it healing and life-giving.  I have to honestly say the part of priesthood that I dread is the continued uprooting to move to another parish.  Frankly, it is a hurtful process for me and I think for many priests.  You become family together.  You become a part of the most intimate moments and events in people’s lives.  You invest yourself in caring deeply about them.  You center your life around them.  You fall in love with them and hope it is mutual.  You need it to be mutual.  These are people who get to know you—strengths and weaknesses.  And for the most part return your love.  So reconnecting with them is something I look forward to, especially in this time of the year when Christ chose to become family with us. Hence my love in holding babies.  I am convinced God chose to send his Son into our lives, not as a fully grown man (God) but as He did.  An infant depended upon us.  No wonder He chose Mary and Joseph with such care.  When parents hold their child, they know they are holding close to their heart the most precious gift they will ever receive.  Thank you for letting me experience that during the time of Baptism.  Thank you for being my family.

Just in case you want to reconnect during this season of God’s Love, here are some addresses:

Msgr. James Michael Doyle

2913 S Ridgeview Way, Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Fr. Michael Wensing

1009 Skyline Dr., Watertown, SD  57201

Fr. Joseph Vogel

PO Box 188, Jefferson, SD   57038

Fr. Charles Cimpl

3601 E Dudley Lane, Sioux Falls, SD  57103

If it is some of the many associates you wish to reconnect with, you will find their addresses on the Sioux Falls Diocese Website or you could call the parish and we will be happy to find their address for you.

May your Advent be filled with the people you treasure the most.  In the midst of the busyness, may you keep sight of what is most important.  And may God always be at the center of your heart and mind.  God Bless!



Fr. Terry’s Sharing…

Seeing with the eyes of love or otherwise—known as seeing with the eyes of Christ.

I have to admit, having spent two weeks with my classmates and brother priests, WOW, have they gotten old looking.  Alright, I know what you are thinking….Father have you looked into a mirror lately.  Yes I did and I look as old as they do.  One of my classmates had an accident and later a stroke.  One of his hands is deformed and you cannot help but notice how it affects his movements and ability to do some physical tasks.  As we celebrated Mass each day, we took turns doing different ministries within the Mass.  It was my classmate’s turn to distribute communion.  I watched him do something that was difficult, with a gentleness and graceful care.  I cannot describe it any other way then it was an act of love and beauty.  I saw with the eyes of Christ and it brought tears to my eyes and a deeper love for this brother priest.

I was telling the staff that recently, at the 6:00pm Sunday night Mass, I saw a wonderful sight.  Through the front doors there was an elderly woman coming for Mass.  The years had been heavy on her.  She walked with difficulty and her body bowed.  Even with the cane she used, every step was a labor.  Her cautious steps were slow.  As a pre-Mass song was played by our youthful music group, I watched her enter the church and walk down the aisle.  Then the music caught hold of her mind and body.  She straightened up and the cane was tapping to the beat of the song.  With a smile on her face, her hips started to sway and she began to dance.  This graceful moment lasted until she saw me watching her and just that quick she returned to her former posture.  The music had made her heart and body young again, even for that short time.  I saw her with the eyes of Christ and experienced in a profound way, God’s love alive within her.

It is harvest time, often I find myself looking at the farmer’s hands.  They have calluses upon calluses. Many times the scars are from the years of hard work, yet offered up to become the throne upon which the Body of Christ is held with faith and love.  I have seen their strength used to handle the animals they care for, but at a Baptism, the gentleness to hold their child with a love that flows through their whole being.  I had the privilege to see them with the eyes of Christ.

To return home after having endured a bottom punishing 13 hours on a plane, and to be welcomed back by the loving hugs of our St. Michael school children. To be overwhelmed with a peace and warmth of knowing this Parish, this faith family, is to me a daily experience of home where you know you are loved, appreciated, and seen by others with the eyes of Christ.

Who have you experienced with the eyes of love and seen with the eyes of Christ?


Fr. Terry’s Sharing-Oct. 11th

Fr. Terry’s Sharing…

We welcome back Fr. Nicholas.  He will return this Tuesday, late evening.  We pray he will return to us rested, renewed, and happy from his time with his family.

I leave Tuesday morning for a trip to Turkey and Greece.  This is my second trip to these places, the first one was last October, 2014.  One trip focused upon the places visited by St. Paul.  The other trip will focus upon the places visited by St. John & Mary.  My ordination class from theology in St. Paul was 19 priests from South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.  In honor of our 30th anniversary, 14 of us are taking this trip together.  I will return on October 26th.

Fr. Ed Pierce will help Fr. Nicholas the weekend of Oct. 17-18.  Msgr. Steve Barnett will help Fr. Nicholas the weekend of Oct. 24-25.  We are so blessed to have retired priests who live in Sioux Falls and are so generous with their time and help. Please make sure to thank them for being here.

Deacon John and myself have returned this week from Clergy Days.  The Bishop, priests, and deacons meet each year from Monday noon till Thursday noon in Chamberlain.  The Bishop gives us a State of the Diocese report and answers any questions we have about ministry within our diocese. We have one or two guests speakers who are experts in ministry and spirituality.  We have time to enjoy each other’s company.  For some clergy, this is our one opportunity to see each other during the year.  It is a great opportunity to update and share fellowship.

We are celebrating Volunteer Weekend here at St. Michael.  I found this Prayer of a Volunteer.  “I thank you, Lord as one who volunteers.  For the chance to serve and to give of myself in some small way, to those not blessed as I each day.  My thanks for health and mind and soul, to aid me ever toward my goal.  For eyes to see the good in all, a hand to extend before a fall.  For legs to go where the need is great, learning to love—forgetting to hate.  For ears to hear and heart to care, when someone’s cross is hard to bear.  A smile to show my affection true, with energy aplenty to respond to the task that needs to be done.  And all I ask, dear Lord, if I may, is to serve you and others better day by day.” 

This parish is only as great a family when everyone participates and contributes to the good of all.  Every single one of us has something to offer in honor of who God has created us to be.  Every single one of us has something to offer to strengthen each other.  Every single one of us can make a difference for another in dedication to God.  This is our Church!  This is our Faith Family!  No gift shared is too small.  Every gift shared is a blessing. There are so many ways to share.  Prayerfully consider and ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in how and in what areas you can serve.  We all have been touched by the generosity of others.