Safe Environment

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The Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls, and the Parish of St. Michael, are committed to ensuring that our ministries and parish are safe places for everyone.  All clergy, staff, and volunteers who have regular contact with children or vulnerable adults must meet safe environment requirements before they enter into ministry, and periodically thereafter, as outlined below.

Ready to do your training?  

Things to know:

1.) When you get to the CMGconnect website (link below), please, read the directions in white letters before you start creating your account – this will save you (and us) lots of trouble later!

2.)  If you are an employee for any other institution of the diocese (the Chancery, Sioux Falls Catholic Schools, another parish, etc.), you must choose that place as your site even if you volunteer for us.

3.)  After you create your account, click on Trainings in the black column at the left margin.

4.)  You may see a Defensive Driver curriculum in the Required Training section.  Unless you will be driving our bus, this is NOT TRUE! and you can ignore it.

5.)  DO NOT request a background check unless your St. Michael staff person has asked you to do so.  Now,

 You’re ready th.  Please click here


~All Adult Volunteers who serve unsupervised with vulnerable persons must meet the following requirements~

1.  A background check to be completed every six years

2.  A questionnaire regarding sexual abuse to be filled out

3.  Review of the Sexual Misconduct Policy and Code of Ethical Conduct of the Diocese of Sioux Falls

4.  Annual training

All requirements will be met online.

Instructions above.

  • Old hands prayingThank you for serving our children, the elderly, persons with disabilities and all those entrusted to us to be treated with love and compassion.


 Our youth, those serving and those being served, are precious ~babysitter~ and must be protected.


~  Age appropriate training for youth (called Circle of Grace) is done in person every year, either in Catholic School class or Religious Education class here at St. Michael ~