Thank you for making a difference at St. Michael!

Make a difference


Love cannot remain by itself—

mother teresait has no meaning. 

Love has to be put into action

and that action is service.”

Mother Teresa

To our volunteers:  Thank you for putting love into action at St. Michael’s!

With your help, we have vibrant liturgies.  With your help, we feed the hungry and visit the sick and imprisoned.  With your help, we have many family-oriented activities.  With your help, our church and campus are beautiful.  With your help, our youth are cared for, educated, and entertained.  With your help, converts are brought into the faith.  With your help, we have prayer ministry and Bible study.  With your help, newcomers are made to feel welcome.  With your help, our administrative work gets done.  With your help, we support each other in times of sorrow and JOY.  And much, much more . . .

Without your help, none of this would be possible!

You are our special blessing ~

We offer you our heartfelt thanks!

God bless and keep you!