Women at the well

We are women looking to know God in our own unique and personal way, to feel his love, and to show what God's love is like to others. Meets at the St. Michael Parish in the MPR room. First and third Saturday at 9:00 AM and/or second and forth Thursday at 7:00 PM. For more information contact Paula at 214-4951.

Women's Bible Studies

St. Michael Parish offers Catholic Bible Studies to women every Monday morning at 10:15-11:15. These studies are designed to offer participants an opportunity to grow in their knowledge and our Catholic faith through discussion and the written word of God. Our main text is the Bible. The group is limited to 12 participants. Contact Anne Burkard for more information. aburkard1st@gmail.com

Women's book studies

Want help to develop a spiritual life capable of living in the real world and being at the same time attentive to the Spirit? Books tailored especially for women are chosen to assist participants in discerning their spirituality and encourage them to explore their knowledge of themselves and their world. This book study group meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 weekly. Contact Anne Burkard for more information. aburkard1st@gmail.com